Chris Bowser Amazon Workshop

Chris Bowser Amazon Workshop

To make the sale successful, you need to plan well and pick the right customers who are interested in buying them. Like all other businesses, you need to build up a rapport with the customers to sell your products. Chris Bowser provides important guidelines to increase sales in Amazon market place.

The Essential Guide to Increasing Amazon Marketplace Sales

Why selling on Amazon is important?

Amazon gets over millions of visitors in a month over many keyword variations. Apart from the traffic, the keywords are unlimited. The individual searches are easy to navigate. Everyone in this world would like to increase their sales and maximize their profits. You need to look for the products having those features that others don’t have. The best thing is to try using yours and the other company products so you get an idea about the extra features that you are going to market on the Amazon platform.

Here is the essential guide to increase sales in marketing and e-commerce.

  1. Get reviews – Customer reviews and feedback are the most important factors to gain their trust and increase sales. Feedback Five is a program which can help you to increase the feedback volume and eliminate the negative and neutral comments. Every business depends on the word of mouth. A satisfied customer can get more customers for you so as to increase the sales. Going by customer references makes it easy to sell your products.
  2. Give attractive offers online and offline – When you see the advertisements that give you attractive seasonal and festive offers. The eyeballs move towards that offers which will make you visit the store and eventually buy the products or place an order online. You need to adopt this strategy to attract the customers.
  3. Improve your SEO – SEO optimization plays a very important role in the market so as to get more traffic and leads. The keywords and product description creates an impact on the viewers. People experienced in this field suggest using brand, description, product line, material color, size, and quantity to have a greater impact. The Amazon Keyword tool has also been helpful by providing Auto complete service to find long and popular keywords, in which your products get the rating from 1 to 10. When you export them in the Google Keyword planner tool, you can gauge their volumes.
  4. Try to win the Buy Box –It is necessary to stay competitive to be in the hunt to get more sales. Apart from the availability, fulfillment, and customer experience, pricing are equally important to win the buy box. There is some software which monitors your competitors’ prices all the time, so as to ensure that you are competitive.
  5. Marketing out of Amazon – Apart from phone calls and emails, you can also write blogs and articles to market your products. To make it more attractive, you can attach the coupon at the bottom of the packing slip.


There are numerous ways to market the products. One of the oldest ways is direct marketing which you can do it yourself or hire the executives to sell the products.


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