Chris Bowser FBA seminar

Chris Bowser FBA seminar

Are you tired of working under someone and are looking for a break? Are you looking for financial freedom without having to put much effort? If you think it is possible and there is a way, then yes, you are absolutely right. Have you tried something innovative like creating your own brand, but don’t know how to go about it or where to sell? Are you scared of importing the products and sell? If your answer is yes, this is the right opportunity for you. There are many platforms, wherein you can buy and sell the products. Amazon is one of them. Chris Bowser has given the tips to the students and the beginners how to go about it.

Chris Bowser tips for how to sell products on Amazon

How to find the right products in the right market?

Well, this has been a challenging task for all. Finding and right product and selling them in the right market goes hand in hand. There are sellers who get the only market right, but still make money. There are also sellers who miss the market, but get the remaining things right without significant results. So, both are equally important. You can get the market and the products right by searching them on the Internet and consulting the people in this line of the market and the products. Here are the tips for selling the products on Amazon.

  1. Identify your product – There are products from different companies having a brand name. If you wish to have your own brand, you need to have complete knowledge about the product so you will be able to explain to the customers, how it is better than other brands.
  2. Create an SKU – You need to keep track of the products and provide stock keeping units of any new products you want to list.
  3. Select an Amazon category – Determine in which category you wish to place the product so it will be easy for the customer to navigate.
  4. Gather all the relevant details – Get as many details as possible so you can give the product information to its customers about the weight and dimension when it is packaged or unpackaged.
  5. Create a product description – When you are manufacturing or selling the product of another brand, you need to give the product description so as to convince the store to stock and sell your product.
  6. Create a company description – You get the access from Amazon to set a digital forefront. In ‘About us’ section, you can give your company description with the logo.
  7. Online offers – You need to give some offers to the customers such as buy one and get one free, monsoon offers, midnight madness, etc. So you can attract the customers and make a sale.


When you place your products online, you need to stress on the merits of the product, plus you need to place your online store in social media to get the responses.

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