Chris Bowser guidelines to make your customer happy

Chris Bowser guidelines to make your customer happy

Customers are the kings of the business world. Your business thrives only when it keeps the customer happy. Their criticisms can pull down your business and their rave reviews can bring in more profits to the business. So, on the whole it is a customer’s thing. Therefore, you have to strive to make them happy. This applies to online sellers also. In this article, Chris Bowser, a reputed online seller gives guidelines on how to make your customer happy.

There is a reason behind every customer complaint

No one grumbles without any reason. There is a solid cause for why the customer is not satisfied. Find this out and solve the problem. Customer complaints can actually strengthen your business. By providing solutions to their problems, you learn more. Try to transform a negative scenario into a positive one. For example: if a customer is angry, respond politely to him. Apologize for the mistake and tell him that you will correct it. Then after solving the problem, thank him for his patience. The customer will feel pleased and he will come back to you. It strengthens the bond between you and your customer. No matter, how good your officials are, the customer will have grievances. That is the way a business works.

Pay attention to customer complaints

Listen carefully to complaints. If you have any doubts regarding what they want, clarify these and ascertain what exactly they want. Don’t resent the manner in which a customer communicates. Sometimes customers may be very straightforward as to annoy you. Stay chill in such situations. The way in which a customer communicates with you depends on his character, situation, location and his nature of work.  It is crucial that you have the adequate knowledge and tools to resolve his difficulty.

Don’t make excuses

Customers are unhappy with companies that don’t take responsibilities. Some common explanations which customers hear are – “It is not my department”, I am a fresher, the software necessary is not in good condition and so on. Never do this. As a responsible business owner, you must ensure that that your employees possess the required knowledge and tools to resolve the complaints. But it is not always possible to make every employee aware of all the works. So, the communication chain must be really effective and complaints must reach the specific department or the person. Grievances must be resolved in a short time to maintain a good rapport with your customer.

Always provide quality services and keep up the good work

You should be consistent in providing top class facilities to customers. They should return back to you all the time and brand you as the best customer service provider. Come up with new ideas to augment service by organizing meetings with your staff. This will make everybody feel involved and will improve service in general.


You cannot run a business without customers. You should attract more clients and make sure that you do not loose current ones. To achieve all this, your customer service must be excellent. These Chris Bowser guidelines will surely help you to make your customer happy.

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Chris Bowser guidelines to make your customer happy
Customers are the kings of the business world.Chris Bowser, a reputed online seller gives guidelines on how to make your customer happy.
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chris bowser

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