Chris Bowser reviews and guidelines: How to respond to negative reviews on Amazon

Chris Bowser reviews and guidelines: How to respond to negative reviews on Amazon


If you are a performer, you will earn fans as well as critics. Similarly, as an Amazon seller, you are likely to get negative and positive reviews. In this article, Chris Bowser, a million dollar online entrepreneur and a master mentor gives reviews about the customer satisfaction and guidelines on how to respond to negative reviews on Amazon.

Reviews are a critical aspect of any business and there is nothing devastating like negative online reputation. At the same time, a series of adverse events doesn’t mean that you are a bad or incompetent seller. To satisfy everyone is not an easy chore and on some occasions, it may be beyond your reach, but you should certainly do your best to respond to a negative review that will impact positively without finding the middle grounds of your basic business needs.

A negative review has the potential to drag down a product’s rating, that’s why it is imperative to gain knowledge on how to respond to not so fortunate reviews and avert your brand from being tarnished. Listed below are some of the handy tips that will let you know how to act in response to negative reviews on Amazon.

  • Take action promptly and appropriately– In view of the fact that, everyone else is having a close watch at the comments, be it positive or negative. Follow certain ethics, when it comes to responding for negative feedbacks. Don’t write something accusatory in return, don’t blame the customer even if you think they are wrong, no emotional response, instead try to answer back in an appropriate way, it must be timely, balanced and professional. In simple stick on to calmness, clarity, and confidence when you reply.
  • Concise– Address the disapproval, but at the same time make sure it is to the point, this will help avoid problems down the line. Apologize for the inconvenience caused and direct them what to do by addressing the recipient. For example, “We are sorry to learn that your experience with the [company name] was less than adequate. Kindly contact the customer service line to report the specifics of your situation. ”
  • Resolve the issue privately and respond publicly- Always prefer to resolve the issue privately. Addressing the recipient, the message that you send should have an introduction about yourself with greetings, thank them for using your services and also thank for the feedback given, apologize for the negative experience and fix the issue. As you try to resolve the issue privately, respond publicly as to what you have done to resolve the same.
  • Status– As you rectify the setback, keep posted the same to your customers and let them know that you care. Update about the actions taken after their reviews/ feedback.
  • Learn and don’t repeat– Finally, don’t forget to learn from the bad reviews and avoid reiterating. Providing key insights, unconstructive feedbacks should trigger more action towards customer satisfaction.

Remember, a negative review acts as a prospect to show off your customer support, so, while making an attempt to sort out and obliterate the unconstructiveness, you should have greater patience and control, most importantly what you can be in command of is how to act in response. Follow these aforesaid guidelines and turn a negative review into a positive customer experience. For many more guidelines about Amazon selling, stay tuned to Chris bowser blog and change the way your business functions.


  • Your paying customers are reviewers.
  • Your vocals and your opinions are reviewers
  • A human having feelings and rights are reviewers.

Try to get your customers by realistic,  non-agreement and compassionate  response.

Why do you get negative reviews?

Negative reviews occur due to the following reasons

      • When the product you delivered is not in good condition: If you consign a badly constructed product or some other damaged product, then you are likely to receive a negative feedback.
      • When the product you delivered does not meet the expectations of the customer: When you write a product description or when you discuss product details with your customer, don’t elevate the level of the product greatly. For instance: if the product is good, then don’t say like it is excellent, superlative and superb. Then, the customer expecting a superb product is disappointed that it is only good. On the other hand, if you project the product as okay, then the customer lowers his expectations. You can actually pull off a positive review as the customer on receiving the product finds out that it is much above his expectations.
      • When you don’t deliver a product on time: Amazon expects a quick delivery. Customers actually love same day delivery and they are willing to pay more for the same day delivery. So, if they don’t get something within the time frame, they are unhappy.

Should you respond to a negative review?

You need not respond to all negative reviews. But, if the review is about product improvement suggestions, the customers point of view about the product utility or if it has rectified an issue, then it is good to be responsive. If you don’t want to respond, then build a product frame such that you will not get negative reviews repeated. Don’t hit out at the customer as this can be very damaging to your reputation.

Is negative reviews help the sellers?

Yes, Negative reviews not only help customers make purchase decisions, it also help the sellers to improve the product . Negative reviews helps sellers to satisfy the customers.

If you are selling a product,the three things may happens:

  • Without any reviews, you keep selling the products but no customer satisfaction.
  • with negative reviews,you can reduce the return and quick remove of product but customer satisfaction.
  • allow the negative reviews, steer the customers to a more satisfying purchase. let the product win.

How to respond to a negative review?

Emails: You can respond to customer feedback through emails. Be sure as to not to reveal sensitive Information in public. It will be tough and slow to respond back through emails.

Comments: Comments must not be used to thrash the customer in the first place. You can respond by saying that you have noted the suggestions and are working towards the positive development of the product. You must be associated with the product to respond to comments. Otherwise, you will be falling under the category of Amazon violation rights.

Polite Response: Respond politely to customer negative reviews. Tell them that you have assimilated their suggestions and will be incorporating them in the product in the future. Then thank them for the valuable feedback.

 Quick Response: Try to respond within 48 hours. When you do so, you can turn the negative review  into a positive one based on how quickly you responded. Remember that comments and reviews are public, so ask customers to contact you directly through Amazon.

Is negative reviews are good?

Online reviews are word-of-mouth marketing; a shoddy slip-up can have an adverse effect on your business. At times like these, you should work on how to recover from it, and remember a bad review isn’t the problem, but it is the result of the problem. With a genuine commitment, work out to set things right. This can provide you with a profound level of understanding about the situation and helps improve your business. This piece of writing will throw light on the recovery options.

While it’s very normal to feel offensive or annoyed during a bad/negative review, acting in opposition to such emotions is what helps your business develop without making matters worse.

  • Excel the art of listening: It is vital to be a good listener instead of a speaker and it will help you see the world through the eyes of others, i.e. your customers.
  • Embrace solutions instead of excuses because a pissed out customer wants only that. Try not to defend but take up the responsibility for such below par experience and proffer a generous apology. At that moment, go the extra mile and fix the issue. As you do that, don’t look out solutions that are transitory, make sure to provide a solution that will permanently fix the root cause of the problem.
  • Treat with respect: Not all annoyed customers are purposely malicious, they just want to be heard. When they voice out their opinion, make sure you are patient enough, no matter how rude they may be and try to treat them with dignity and respect. For that reason, invite them to help you build a better business and accept their suggestions and improve your service. Keep up your promise and meet their requirements promptly.
  • Consider the posted review as an eye-opener and work with a clear principle from there on. When the best interests of your customer are met, act wisely. Taking things personally will leave you troubled, so you need to master the art of moving on and consider delighting other customers who are widespread out there. With that said, to deliver exceptional customer service at all point of time is no easy thing and some customers refuse to be content despite offering best services. So, as with growth, there will always be at least one customer who is feeling annoyed with your service.
  • Don’t brush under the carpet: In general, companies try to give a canned reply and try to hide the review in Google’s search results, while other businesses will remain unspoken, in an expectation of the PR to blow over in due course.

A negative review is a good intention conveyed badly, so, making an attempt to hide it or responding in a harsh/defensive manner will hurt your business. Regrettably, neither of these two approaches helps, so tag along what works best for your business meaning, acknowledge your failure and execute whatever it takes to set things right instead of making it go away.

Sellers can exercise precautions such as:

  • Use Recorded delivery:

When selling, it’s always best to use recorded delivery. Recorded delivery requires a signature at delivery and provides you and the buyer with the tracking information, so everyone involved is aware when things do or do not arrive, and it insures the package you’re sending, so if it does get lost, everyone is covered.

  • Avoid Counterfeit Money:

When selling in person, ask for currency of smaller denomination, as counterfeit money is usually printed in larger denominations of $50 and $100 bills.

  • Utilize common sense:

Don’t let your emotions dictate a sale. This does not mean that you shouldn’t pick a buyer you like and feel comfortable with, but that you shouldn’t lower your price because of the customer’s financial situation or change the general terms of the sale out of pity. Do not rush into selling because you’re afraid of losing the selling opportunity. Be patient.Crooks use clever schemes and scams to defraud millions of people every year. They often combine new technology with old tricks to get people to send money or give out personal information. Its never a bad idea to learn some practical tips and ideas to avoid these. If you’re looking for more advice on selling, register at Chris Bowser’s Online Auction Learning Center and attend workshops and seminars on Amazon and others.

Business works to make customers happy

Pay attention to customer complaints

Listen carefully to complaints. If you have any doubts regarding what they want, clarify these and ascertain what exactly they want. Don’t resent the manner in which a customer communicates. Sometimes customers may be very straightforward as to annoy you. Stay chill in such situations. The way in which a customer communicates with you depends on his character, situation, location and his nature of work.  It is crucial that you have the adequate knowledge and tools to resolve his difficulty.

Don’t make excuses

Customers are unhappy with companies that don’t take responsibilities. Some common explanations which customers hear are – “It is not my department”, I am a fresher, the software necessary is not in good condition and so on. Never do this. As a responsible business owner, you must ensure that that your employees possess the required knowledge and tools to resolve the complaints. But it is not always possible to make every employee aware of all the works. So, the communication chain must be really effective and complaints must reach the specific department or the person. Grievances must be resolved in a short time to maintain a good rapport with your customer.

Always provide quality services and keep up the good work

You should be consistent in providing top class facilities to customers. They should return back to you all the time and brand you as the best customer service provider. Come up with new ideas to augment service by organizing meetings with your staff. This will make everybody feel involved and will improve service in general.


These Chris Bowser reviews and guidelines will be beneficial and will show you ways to convert negative reviews into positive reviews or avoid them. I hope reviews will surely help you to make customers happy.

visit and read chris bowser blogs to learn more about business tactics and tips on Amazon


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Chris Bowser reviews and guidelines on how to respond to negative reviews on Amazon
As an Amazon seller, you will get negative and positive reviews. Chris Bowser, gives review about customer satisfaction and guidelines on how to respond to negative reviews on Amazon.
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Chris Bowser


  1. Losing temper online is the worst thing we can do to our business. Thanks for writing a valuable article on how to respond to such bad reviews. I’ll definitely tag along and follow the instructions to maintain my business image.

  2. A well put-together information for Amazon sellers like me. Next time when I receive a negative comment for the service delivered, I’m sure I can handle it efficiently. Thanks.

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  4. I am selling through Amazon and maintain an online reputation is no easy thing. I’ve received a lot of negative feedbacks for my business and sometimes I don’t take them seriously. This article is definitely an eye-opener. Thanks for explaining in detail about why you get a negative review. I will follow the instructions given.

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  6. I liked your comments, brief and precise. I am selling through Amazon, and sometimes I get negative reviews of my product. It is really important what you mention, this is a public space and sometimes I forget that thousands of people might read my response. I will keep your 4 points on my board to remember, before answering a bad comment.

  7. This article is an eye-opener. As an Amazon seller, I always end up losing my temper when responding to a negative review. But, I very well know that’s not the way out, the instructions mentioned in this article is very true, losing temper while replying to a negative review will have a severe impact on the business. I’ll follow the instructions mention in this article next time when I receive one. Thanks a lot!

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