Chris Bowser seller experience on Amazon FBA

Chris Bowser seller experience on Amazon FBA


Many entrepreneurs start selling on Amazon for a livelihood and slowly they turn it into a business. Chris Bowser was one of them. He along with his brother Adam Bowser started selling products on Amazon for money and it grew into a huge business. Till date they have sold products worth of 40 million on Amazon and eBay. Read through this Chris Bowser seller experience and not just learn but also enjoy.

Experience of selling on Amazon FBA

Selling on Amazon makes you feel as if you have your own ecommerce website. But at the same time you get access to millions of customers on Amazon. You get reflected as a third party seller. Amazon takes care of everything right from shipping to customer service. If there are any problems with a transaction, then Amazon takes care of that too. Many sellers are blind to the fact that they can sell in multiple ways in Amazon. If you want to buy a product, then you will have to select from numerous sellers who appear on the ships from page in Else, you can choose a seller from the buy box. There are two different ways you can sell on Amazon – FBA or fulfilled by Amazon seller or MF- merchant fulfilled seller. Out of these two, the best one for newbie is FBA. When you sell a product on Amazon FBA, you have to

  • Discover a good to sell
  • Catalog it on
  • You arrange for the good to be shipped to Amazon’s warehouses
  • You ship the goods to Amazon’s warehouses

This is all that you have to do.

Once your product is shipped, Amazon takes care of the rest of the things for you such as unpacking and storing the inventory, making your product live and highlighting it as a desirable one and shipping your product to the buyer persona . Amazon makes sure that the customers are satisfied and happy with their service. They ship the product as quick as possible and even in 2 days for member buyers. You may not get this comfort of shipping and processing for many ecommerce websites where every product has to be processed and shipped to the individual buyers. This is very exhausting. You will not find your bank balance going up. In return for their fulfillment services, you have to give Amazon some shipping fees and a percentage of our sales returns.

Some strategies to be used while selling on Amazon FBA

  • You can buy products from other retail stores and resell on Amazon. There are apps to check the sellers rank and whether the product is discounted.
  • You can ascertain the money you will get on selling in Amazon by using the FBA calculator
  • When you create an Amazon FBA seller account, then you can sign in as a pro seller which will save on the amount of money shelled out by you on the long run.


Chris Bowser seller experience describes about selling on Amazon FBA and also lists a few strategies for selling on Amazon.

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