Chris Bowser Tips: Ways to Know if Your Brand Is Ready for Amazon

Chris Bowser Tips: Ways to Know if Your Brand Is Ready for Amazon

Some companies and individuals think if the product catalog is uploaded, the customer will place an order immediately and their revenue will drastically increase. However, it does not always happen like this as you need to make sure that the users are able to find your product in the first place. Chris Bowser suggests some ways to make sure whether your brand is ready for Amazon.

Ways to Know if Your Brand Is Ready for Amazon

Amazon has 400 million listings, which means that selling your products are not as simple as you think. In other words, it is not that you dip your toe in and expect results overnight. Merely uploading your products on Amazon does not guarantee that users will find your product although they do find it. However, you need to plan your time, resources and the budget you are going to invest on Amazon. Otherwise, it will be futile. Here are the ways to know whether your brand is ready for Amazon.

  1. Pricing and profitability – Depends on the outcome of your products after pricing them at the SKU level, once your products are available on Amazon. Selling on Amazon has a variable component and a certain amount of fees is associated with Amazon’s fulfillment network, called FBA.
  2. Understand FBA Benefits – FBA allows the brands to achieve prime eligibility. Sales can increase from 30% to 50% when the items shift from merchant-fulfilled to FBA. This is a wonderful opportunity for the brands to use Amazon’s logistic network. If FBA does not restrict your products, you are lucky.
  3. You’re ready to invest –If you have the ability and willingness to invest, then you can be assured that your products on Amazon platform are ready. If you make an upfront investment in getting your stock to Amazon and set up your systems as well as understand the working of Amazon’s algorithms, and implement accordingly, there is a chance for your product to be found and noticed. Putting promotional budget behind your brand and representing it in a correct way on Amazon makes the customer feel comfortable to buy from you.
  4. Notification – When the customer buys your product, you get the notification that your product was ready in the Amazon. Even your mobile phone gets an alert message that amount is credited to your account.
  5. Find your products – Keep the selling aside and surf for your products how easy it is easy for the users to find. If you successfully find them, your brand is ready on Amazon for sale.
  6. Content – If your content is attractive and unique, it is bound to attract the customers.


Though there is a tough competition in Amazon marketplace and e-commerce, it is not impossible to sell your products. The only thing is you need to find out whether your brand can be found easily. You need to understand the FBA, how it works. You need to understand that FBA does not obey you but it is the other way round.

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