Chris Bowser’s review on some Amazon FBA seller’s tools

Chris Bowser’s review on some Amazon FBA seller’s tools


No online business works without tools. Selling on Amazon FBA requires tools. Read this Chris Bowser’s review on some fine tools that sellers should use for selling on Amazon FBA.

Inventory lab

Inventory lab helps you to list the products as you add them to the inventory list. This helps you to list each and every item individually as you add them unlike some tools which print the entire list in the end. So, you can actually keep track of what you are listing. This is a very useful and must have tool. It costs around $49.This tool helps you to keep track of profits for each item that you sell on Amazon. This acts like a stock keeping unit and helps you to file your profits.


This is a tool that helps you follow up on your sales tax. It records on whether you are keeping track of the state sales tax and whether you are paying it. You can fill up sales tax forms on this tool and it reminds you of due dates. Get rid of those cumbersome spreadsheets and CSV uploading processes. It enables you to connect directly to the marketplace and view your sales tax reports. It is a great tool.


This tool is an accounting tool. You can view income, expenses and receipts on your lap, tab or phone. This tool is an amazing one as you can pay anywhere online. This tool

  • Imports accounting information and produces viewable reports on money received and money spent.
  • Helps in invoice tracking. It helps you to check whether an invoice has been seen, whether the invoice has been settled and which clients will help in gaining more profits. It also automates remainders.


It is a tool which enables you to set competitive prices. You can set minimum and maximum prices to protect margins and make changes in prices with this tool.


Shipworks is a shipping tool which ships the products. You can use it for placing the items in the outgoing bins after gathering them from the warehouses. It can be used for propagating a product through emails and for viewing reports and invoices.


You can compare aircraft, ship and trucking delivery prices easily on this tool


This is a tool which helps you to get alerted on changing prices. Amazon constantly upgrades prices which can be viewed on this tool when the alerts are set up by you. You can also check the availability of products on this tool.

Profit Bandit

It is a tool which shows profit/loss on specific products. It uses a special calculator for checking this out. You can determine whether you want to sell the product or not depending on this information. You can devise sales strategies on marketing these types of products.


Identification numbers are used to view the desired items on Amazon. Type the number and the search results show the item in the catalog.

Shipping Scale

This tool is used to calculate the weight of heavy shipping packages


These are some of the great tools for selling on Amazon according to Chris Bowser’s review.

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