Chris Bowsers reviews on some Amazon FBA seller’s tools and tips for new sellers

Chris Bowsers reviews on some Amazon FBA seller’s tools and tips for new sellers


Chris Bowser’s review about the Amazon FBA seller’s tools and give some tips to the sellers about do selling in Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online retail selling site. When most people buy something on Amazon they think they are buying from Amazon, but third party sellers sell over 33% of all items sold on Amazon.

Reviews on FBA Seller tools

No online business works without tools. Selling on Amazon FBA requires tools. Read this Chris Bowser’s review on some fine tools that sellers should use for selling on Amazon FBA.

Inventory lab

Inventory lab helps you to list the products as you add them to the inventory list. This helps you to list each and every item individually as you add them unlike some tools which print the entire list in the end. So, you can actually keep track of what you are listing. This is a very useful and must have tool. It costs around $49.This tool helps you to keep track of profits for each item that you sell on Amazon. This acts like a stock keeping unit and helps you to file your profits.


This is a tool that helps you follow up on your sales tax. It records on whether you are keeping track of the state sales tax and whether you are paying it. You can fill up sales tax forms on this tool and it reminds you of due dates. Get rid of those cumbersome spreadsheets and CSV uploading processes. It enables you to connect directly to the marketplace and view your sales tax reports. It is a great tool.


This tool is an accounting tool. You can view income, expenses and receipts on your lap, tab or phone. This tool is an amazing one as you can pay anywhere online. This tool

  • Imports accounting information and produces viewable reports on money received and money spent.
  • Helps in invoice tracking. It helps you to check whether an invoice has been seen, whether the invoice has been settled and which clients will help in gaining more profits. It also automates remainders.


It is a tool which enables you to set competitive prices. You can set minimum and maximum prices to protect margins and make changes in prices with this tool.


Shipworks is a shipping tool which ships the products. You can use it for placing the items in the outgoing bins after gathering them from the warehouses. It can be used for propagating a product through emails and for viewing reports and invoices.


You can compare aircraft, ship and trucking delivery prices easily on this tool


This is a tool which helps you to get alerted on changing prices. Amazon constantly upgrades prices which can be viewed on this tool when the alerts are set up by you. You can also check the availability of products on this tool.

Profit Bandit

It is a tool which shows profit/loss on specific products. It uses a special calculator for checking this out. You can determine whether you want to sell the product or not depending on this information. You can devise sales strategies on marketing these types of products.


Identification numbers are used to view the desired items on Amazon. Type the number and the search results show the item in the catalog.

Shipping Scale

This tool is used to calculate the weight of heavy shipping packages

Tips for new FBA sellers

For a beginner, it is important to understand that Amazon FBA is an actual business. This means that at some point one needs to form a business structure, open a business checking account, collect sales tax and do bookkeeping. This could be unfamiliar territory for many people and they could seek help from a CPA or a tax professional. One must also read the rules!  If you’re confused, join a friendly selling group and ask lots of questions.  Selling on Amazon can be super profitable, fun and straightforward but you cannot fully enjoy them if you jump in without doing your homework.

Following are some of the tips from Chris Bowser, who started the Online Auction Learning center, which is a one stop learn-all place for Amazon FBA through his Amazon workshops and FBA seminars:

  1. Register as a professional seller: As a professional seller there are many perks that you do not get as an individual seller. Like you are allowed to create listings for products that are not currently being sold on Amazon, product bundles, sell in restricted categories, and register a brand among other things.
  2. Follow The Rules:There are specific policies on selling, a detailed list of the various policies related to all of your Amazon activities are available on the website.
  3. Answer Customer Communications quickly:Amazon wants you to answer a question from the customer within 24 hours and if you do not that is a demerit against your account.
  4. If you are merchant, ship all orders within 1 business day and provide tracking information: Amazon requires you to state the handling time for all products and to meet that expectation.
  5. Describe product accurately: Even the slightest difference between the product you are delivering and what you describe in your listing, customers will notice.
  6. Ask for Feedback: There are several third party feedback services that automatically sends out an email to each customer telling that if there is anything whatsoever wrong with the transaction to let us know and give us a chance to fix it.
  7. Use Larger Images and Follow Amazon Image Guidelines: Amazon now requires images to be at least 1006 pixels on a side in certain categories and encourages it in all categories.
  8. Label your items and shipments correctly when sending to FBA: It is very easy to mislabel products. When you put a shipment together create a system to double check that each product has the correct label.
  9. Manage Your Inventory proactively: manage your inventory so you don’t run out of anything. You should know how long it takes to get an order placed, shipped to you and shipped to Amazon.
  10. Pack your shipments to Amazon correctly to avoid damage, delays and penalty fees: Amazon has some fairly strict requirements when you send items to their FBA warehouses, follow them rigidly.

These are just some of the many tips that you can follow. For further information, sign up and read in Chris bowser’s Online Auction Learning Centre.

Tips to do some great marketing on Amazon

Marketing is a key area for a business and it is the doorway for entering into the world called success.  Let us consider Whole foods, a grocery store famous for propagating a healthy lifestyle and it came up with great marketing techniques to carve a niche in the sphere of grocery products. Its marketing strategies revolve around

  • Healthy eating while saving money
  • Make diet alterations for better health

Most of you will think that only the rich can afford to eat healthy but this is not true as eating healthy is a choice and is no way related to money. This universal truth was bought out beautifully and they made eating healthy look different. So, a simple concept can become widely popular depending on the way you market it since such is the power of marketing. Amazon, the world leader in marketing is no exception to this and to sell your products successfully on Amazon, you must come up with some great marketing tactics. In this article, Chris Bowser gives some tips for doing good marketing on Amazon so continue reading this Chris Bowser review to get enlightened on the same.

Use appropriate keywords

Keywords should be used in the product title and the description but you cannot stuff keywords. You can search for keywords using tools and also in Amazons search bar. Finally when you present the product description on Amazon, it must easily communicate the benefits of the product to the customer and also contain keywords for ranking in the search engines. The quality of the content must be versatile and awesome.

Price your products inexpensively

It does not mean that sellers who price inexpensively don’t sell quality products and it is just that their marketing strategy revolves around volume rather than expensive prices. If you price very high, you will attract only 20% of the sales that cheap sellers attract. Usually cheap sellers sell more products, maintain a higher profit margin and gain reputation as a premium seller. Amazon thus exhibits a transformation from where once it targeted on being present to being a cheap marketplace online. Since this is the in-trend on Amazon, negotiate with wholesalers to give you a better price and promise them that you will sell more products and also yourself that you will better your profit margins.

Use Amazon product Ads to advertise

Marketing your products through Amazon product ads will generate huge traffic on Amazon. Bank on this facility and usually these ads are charged at the rate of pennies per click and some of them are charged at more than dollar one per click.

Market something unique

Sellers who choose from the top 100 products don’t make it to the buybox since they cannot get the best price since by the time their products reach the market, they are already selling in full swing. Or in other words, such products have heavy competition. So, sell something unique and while it is great if you can come up with your own unique product, you can also resell unique products.

Systematic auction trainings will act as breakthrough in seller’s life

Mastering amazon auction sales is not that easy and the students will not be able to derive sufficient knowledge about auction sales when they undergo one or two trainings at online auction learning center says chris bowser who is a certified and licensed trainer in this reputed training academy. Seller can achieve breakthroughs only when they undergo regular trainings at this famous institute.

Markets are flooding with thousands of interesting products and amazon has on-store fantastic new arrivals that come with best discounts and deal. Amazon auction sellers can easily sell these products through their own websites and blogs when they understand the trending online marketing methodologies through FBA training academy.

Digital marketing has seen sea changes and other types of marketing methods like social and internet marketing is also gaining much momentum. FBAs can choose any of these trending marketing methods to sell their amazon products. There were only few auction sites when chris started auction business but there are hundreds of auction sites which are gaining extreme popularity. Students will get info about this when they sit in the upcoming FBA seminar.

Sellers should understand the customers’ mindset

Selling will be a natural process when the new FBAs begins to sell few products through amazon auction site after registering their name in it. They may face obstacles and struggles when they start selling but they will master it quickly say chris. This master trainer will take mind blowing sessions at chrisbowser amazon workshop and improve the knowledge of his students.

Online customers those who buy products through intermediaries like FBAs will be happy when they receive products instantly. So, sellers can improve their customer relationship when they use fulfillment services offered by amazon. When they choose this service the amazon will deliver the products that are canvassed by the sellers to the customers’ premises directly overnight. Amazon has fulfillment centers throughout the world and the products will reach customers’ premises at appropriate time.

Amazon will help the new FBAs in many ways and improve its relationship with them. So, investing money on amazon auction site is worth every single penny. Chris will provide informative training sessions to the students and also provide amazon video and e-books free of cost to the students. Learning from this experienced training will be an extreme joy. New students those who are planning to register their names through fbastores website can do so after exploring chrisbowser online reviews.

Sellers should come out of the darkness and see the brighter sides

Sellers those who have failed in auction business should never lose hopes and enhance their positivity. If they are suffering from extreme negativity then they should enroll in the programs that are conducted by chris. He will train the students wonderfully and direct them to the path of glory. Many students those who suffered in auction business were able to scale new heights when they took part in the programs that are conducted at his institute. Chris will change the mindset of the students and inculcate nice thoughts on them.


These are some of the great tools and tips for selling on Amazon according to Chris Bowser’s review.

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Chris Bowser’s review on some Amazon FBA seller’s tools and tips for new sellers
No online business works without tools. Selling on Amazon FBA requires tools. Read this Chris Bowser’s review on some fine tools...
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