Enhancing conversions with web design techniques – Chris Bowser review

Enhancing conversions with web design techniques – Chris Bowser review


Conversions are most important for your website and there is no point in just people visiting your website. These visitors should become buyers or purchasers. For this one can use many techniques like the usage of great colors, product images and so on. For a deeper insight into how colors aid conversions, read the article by Chris Bowser on colors and website conversions. In this article, Chris Bowser reviews enhancing conversions with web design techniques, so read on to find out how.

Rule of thirds

This is a great web design principle to boost up sales and you just need to divide the web space into nine equal spaces and then place important elements in the intersections. This will capture the attention of people and thus improve visibility. Don’t place navigation links at these cross intersections since this will cause users to navigate to other websites. Check out websites such as kissmetrics.com to see how call to actions are placed at these target points to aid better conversions.


Let navigation be kept simple and people don’t want to experience a cumbersome navigation process. Make sure that the navigation path from the time the website is entered till the time the purchase is reached is smooth. The navigation must be steady throughout the website and the points of navigation must be marked clearly. Also check if the navigation points lead to the appropriate pages for the website.


Graphics and images are crucial and augment conversion rates. What are the basic elements of graphics? Well, they include call to actions, headlines, images, color and empty spaces. Call to actions must be clear and lucid and must help you stand on your toes. Images should be visually attractive and bring out the quality in your brand. So, put correctly sized and appropriately colored images with the correct density and intensity.  Headlines must say something interesting to the user and must be interactive while your website must not look too cluttered and must have lots of empty spaces to fill it up with.


Directional cues should be placed to help users guide them to your goals. These will usually be in the form of buttons or lead generation forms. They will aid in improving conversions and boost sales.

Responsive layouts

Such layouts change according to the device of the user and the web designer should create responsive layouts. Nowadays, people browse on a whole lot of devices and the screen of the website should change according to the device which is very vital. Scores of conversions could be lost if the website is not device responsive and it could hamper sales in a big way. Thus make sure your designer comes up with responsive layouts. Also the layout must have a coherent flow and the content on pages as well as the pages must be in correct order.

Strategies to boost website traffic through social media

There are many ways to boost the traffic to your ecommerce website. Display ads, keywords, titles and so on are some of the common ways in which you can do so. Out of the many ways to increase website traffic, social media is quite a popular one. In this article, Chris Bowser, a billion dollar online seller and expert online sales mentor gives directions on how to promote traffic to your site using social media. So, read these Chris Bowser strategies to foster traffic to your website though social media.

Determine what you want from social media sites

Before you settle on strategies, you need to decide what you want from social media sites.

  • The total quantity of traffic which you want from social media
  • Ratio of visitors to conversions
  • Ratio of audience growth and engagement to sales

If you decide on what you want, you can lay down a list of do’s and don’ts easily and plan tactics.

Interact with customers and know what they want

You have to interact with customers and know what they want. See their likes on social media and track their conversations. Keep an account of the pages which they like. Based on this, you can post content on social media. Also, request them for feedback so that you can improve and customize the content to attract them better, next time.

Induce them to interact

When you want to interact with customers, you should not force them to interact. For instance, you should not pester them to read your company blog or chat with you. You should instead put content in posts which make them converse. You can post a question or give them a puzzle and then announce a surprise for those who answer the question or solve them. Ask them to log into the company website and post the answer for it. This will kindle their interest and motivate them to act.

Craft enticing content

Many users want to read charming and engaging content. Nobody wants to spend their time in reading boring and monotonous content. So make the content captivating. If you are not able to do it yourself, hire a professional content writer. The money is worth paying since content is king and it can propel a huge amount of sales on your ecommerce website. Also add images and videos to content. It is definitely more alluring.

Build customer base

Don’t just post messages. You are only wasting time. You should converse with customers who are interested in your products and build a good customer base. Target interested, influential and wealthy customers to heighten your fan base. You can become a member of groups. This will encourage more customer interaction. For example: when you post videos, messages or tweets on groups, the chances that the customer will reply is higher than when you do it for individual customers.


Thus, these are some important web design techniques to aid website conversions and best social media tactics that can be used to intensify traffic to your website as per Chris Bowser review.To get more ideas on how to strengthen ecommerce web traffic, read the article – “Chris Bowser tips to maximize traffic to your ecommerce website.”

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Enhancing conversions with web design techniques – Chris Bowser review
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