Trusted pre-fulfillment Services for your Amazon FBA Business

Trusted pre-fulfillment Services for your Amazon FBA Business

If you are restricted from Amazon FBA as a new seller, you can do the fulfillment on your own as well. You can sell and deliver your products to any part of the world. Pre-fulfillment is all about receiving the packages from the manufacturers/wholesaler, sorting the products, bundling or packing the products and taking the product photographs to Amazon specs. Chris Bowser suggests some trusted pre-fulfillment services for your Amazon FBA business.

Trusted pre-fulfillment Services for your Amazon FBA Business

If Amazon’s Fulfillment Center is piled up with inventory, you may have to wait for a long time as dispatching the existing items takes more time. Here are some of the trusted pre-fulfillment services that you can avail.

  1. FBA Label Service – This service is available for the eligible products that require an Amazon bar code. Amazon fulfillment applies those bar codes for you with some fees per item. You need to ensure that your products should
    • Be in a new condition
    • Be classified as non-media
    • Is not restricted, prohibited or expensive
    • Have a high single scannable bar code.
  2. FBA Inspection- does the product inspection and photography. You need to use the discount code mk10 to avail a 10% discount off all services.
  3. Vare House – The starter plan for this is $0 monthly, depending upon the carton fees per unit fees. The maximum amount you pay is $15. They do product inspection, photography and more.
  4. Air7seas USA – is another trusted service which takes care of pre-fulfillment services. They make arrangement for your customs clearance & ISF of your product label, Palletize, Store, Prepare, BL and deliver your product on time to any part of the USA.
  5. Prime Zero Ship and Prep – is a full-service Prep and Ship Company that helps the clients to take their business to the next level. They help you to manage your stock and deliver your products to Amazon on time.
  6. Jordan Mallik – The first time customers, who giving the referral code as MALLIK will get a waiver of minimum order fee and take 5% off your order.
  7. Fit Small Business –is a 3PL company that deals with pre-fulfillment services to the growing businesses.
  8. Ship Bob – is dedicated to giving top services to small businesses. It offers the best rates and low start-up costs.
  9. Red Stag – is the recommended pre-fulfillment service company when you are shipping items having the weight over 5 pounds, expensive, fragile items, or the items that need some light assembly or the changes to be made before delivering it.

Bottom Line

There is no need to neither touch or label, nor receive the inventory you have ordered for selling. It goes straight to the concerned store that takes care of it. It is important to understand how the pre-fulfillment services work. You can make use the services according to different situations or circumstances. There are four types of costs involved in a pre-fulfillment service such as receiving, storage, pick and pack and shipping.

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